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Diabetics are hook to a medical condition known as diabetes which forces a person to have to give up sugars. Insulin is a natural body substance produce by the pancreas (a part of digestive organ) that is responsible in converting our sugar intake to smaller particle so that it can be absorb by the body to become the source of heat and energy for performing every days tasks. Sugar is sweet to healthy people, but when being a diabetic, sugar has a bitter taste which is the usual reaction of a person experiencing a syndrome disorder in their metabolism called diabetes mellitus or diabetes for short. Can you imagine your favorite chocolate, candies, cola drinks, spreads, cakes and other baked products, sweet goodies and other food stuff without the presence of one of the most important ingredients sugar? If sugar is missing from our junk foods, for sure it will be so heartbreaking. Studies have indicated the different possible associations between processed sugar consumption and has revealed the health hazard of consuming to much processed sugars.



This causes the blood sugar to builds up in the blood instead of going into cells making the pancreas produce even more insulin. Proper diet, exercise regularly and having frequent blood tests to check your blood sugar level will be necessary. Likewise, the term "type 2 diabetes" has replaced several former terms, including adult-onset diabetes, obesity-related diabetes, and non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus. Some people may even lose a foot or a leg due to nerve damage that diabetes can cause. Aside from the fact that diabetes is all about high level of sugar in the body, another common thing is that this disease will last for a lifetime. The major treatment of type-1 diabetes, even in its earliest stages, is the delivery of artificial insulin by means of injection combined with careful monitoring of blood glucose levels using blood testing monitors.



Help your health care team make a diabetes care plan that will work for you. Just remember too much of anything will be harmful for our health. Be aware what type of diabetes you have and look for other remedies that will help. Quit your smoking and your excessive intake of alcohol.



To name a few herbal cures, patients who use bitter melon (ampalaya) or momordica charantia usually use these cures imported from the Orient. Diabetes is a disease or illness that affects the metabolism of our body. Since bitter melons are considered to have twice the potassium compared to bananas at the same time increase the amount of beta cells, these melons may help the pancreas to produce insulin. Marine Phytoplankton may also help to bring back the functionality of our cells by making tissues that has the ability to detoxify the lane through the intestines, kidneys, skin and liver. Studies have also proven that marine phytoplankton may enhance our immune system and may lessen the effect of the damage the disease could give the patient. If our bodies do not produce insulin, this results in a lower amount of sugar in our blood and in our urine, so once we have a severe low amount of glucose in our blood, other internal organs like eyes, kidneys, heart and nerves might not have enough supply of sugar. Marine Phytoplankton is found to be rich in omega 3 fatty acids which might help to reduce the amount of sugar in the diabetic patient's bloodstream.


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